August 16th–redhot action

Both boats found pretty damn good albie fishing this morning. They were picky as usual but good casts were rewarded. There are some really world class sized fish around . The bait can be small and fish picky and the average albie is 5 to 8 pounds so Flat Out prefers lighter tippet. He watched in horror today as a fish well over 20 pounds destroyed his anglers fly–the 12 pound tippet never stood a chance. His crew hooked and landed albies on albie snaxs. His crew were also almost first time saltwater fly fisherman and there is a huge learning curve fishing these fish. They are so much tougher here than at Cape Lookout. They made me proud–hooked fish, broke fish off and pulled the hooks on some. We landed a somewhat strange fish as well–a bullet tuna.
Fly Girl had the perfect day with veteran Oregon Inlet albie fisherman. They caught them on spin and fly and big fish on spin and fly. She was even spooled by a big albie on a spinning rod. There was surprisingly good bait ball action.
In the afternoon she had a veteran fly fisherman taking his young daughters out on their first fishing trip.

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