Inshore OBX Flies

Flies for inshore Outer Banks 

A small collection of Bob Clouser’s Deep Minnow aka Clouser will catch almost anything you will find inshore on the Outer Banks.  Our go too colors for Clouser’s are ; Chartreuse and white, chartreuse and pink, black and orange, black and red.  We tie ours of #1 hook with small lead eyes.  

The most useful fly rods are weights 7 and 8s. Lighter rods will work but you can struggle in our ever present wind.  While floating lines work, intermediate fly lines will be more useful.  We prefer knotless tapered leaders in lengths from 7’ to 9’ anywhere from 12 to 20 pound.  But you can tie your own leader and they do not need to be complicated.  A leader formula we use for tying our own is; 4 feet of 40 pound , two feet of 30 pound, and 16” of 20 pound.

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