Oct. 3rd and 4th

Oct.3rd & 4th
The 3rd was slower than the 2nd. But Fly Girl cracked the code on some albies leading a school of threaadfins to Beaufort Inlet. Her crew plucked a 1/2 dozen albies throwing big flies. AirHeads were the hot ticket. In the afternoon the whole ocean turned to 3 to 6 pound Bluefish. We saw albies eating, finger mullet, ballyhoo, pilchards, flying fish and spearing.
Today the west was westerd and choppy due to a strong out going tide. Flat Out went out to harvest dinner with clark spoons. There were plenty of same size bluefish and albies eating clark spoons. In the afternoon Sarah found the bluefish and the occasional albie willing to eat flies and jigs. Wind shift is coming.

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    1. Very difficult tie. When Umpqua Fly Company discontiunted the pattern we bought several dozen and a much reduced price. When they were being sold they were 16$ a piece. They are also my favorite roosterfish fly. Bulky Deceiver type flies will work just as well

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