April 1st Easter at Cape Lookout

Sarah and I arrived on Friday back to our house on Harkers Island.  Today the weather gave us a break so we joined Hugh on his boat Gumby.  It was slick cam and crossing the shoals was very easy.  We were looking for golden easter eggs.  Talked to other buddies who had found the golden easter basket but by the time we arrived they had disappeared.  But we did find and enjoy plenty of green jelly beans.  The albies were feeding on "snot" and moving very fast could of been caught on fly.  We chose spinning rods and alibi snaxs.  Someone had left the fly rods in the garage!!   We know of at least one boat who did land albies on fly today.  The other boat that we were working with landed a 23 pound albie today that he weighted on a boga.

Tons of bait both menhaden and snot--so things look good we just cooperative weather