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We shy away from fisheries politics as a rule.  In fact, run away is better description, but potential regulation changes compel us to comment.  The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act is up for renewal. You may Love it or hate, but over the last 40 years MSA has worked.  It has brought several species back from the brink.  We are baffled by why national conservation groups want to change some of the most effective measures implemented by MSA.  Could it be the corporations that now fund these groups are more interested in motor/boat/tackle sales than fostering long term healthy fish stocks or habitats? Several of the well known groups have quietly gone from conservation organizations to angler extraction organizations.  On the surface, the changes these groups are supporting look great for anglers --who does not want more fish to catch?  But mindset boils down to short time pleasure over long term sacrifice.  The worst outcome from being cautious are fish stocks that grow healthier then expected!  For years these groups have preached "it takes good science to properly manage fisheries" to now throwing  science out the window --calling it bad or incomplete.   What concerns us, is the future.  Over the years I've had father/sons/daughters fish with me.  Now these trips include grandchildren and the comment we hear "is there going to be an opportunity for our grandchild to take their grand children fishing?"  This same fear is echoed by our fellow charter captains and commercial friends whose children/grandchildren are also growing into the business.   Healthy fisheries are important to everyone, but long term healthy fisheries for all user groups and generations are even more important.

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