April 22nd Cape Lookout report

This probably our final fishing report from Cape Lookout this spring.  We head to Baja Friday with a group of clients/friends for a week of chasing roosters.  After we return from Baja we head back to Oregon Inlet for our summer season.

Cooler than normal water temps has made fishing for big bluefish slower than we like.  We spent the last two days fishing some flats trying to tease big blues with hookless teasers then over to the fly.  We had many half hearted bites on the teasers and not many follows.  We did manage to hook 5 on fly.   The weather outlook for Tuesday is dismal and looks great by the end of the week.  Of course we are headed to the airport.  I really love big bluefish in shallow water on fly–it should be off the hook next week.

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