August 26th. family day —monster albies

Sarah, Deuce and I had the day off and it was beautiful.  So we hopped on Fly Girl and went looking for albies.  We had a couple of reels we wanted to punish.  We added a new spinning reel for albie fishing and it is a dandy, Van Staal VR125 and the Seigler MF.   We have had the Seiglers all summer but have not hooked a big albie on one.  Well both reels drags will put some voodoo monkey hex on a fish. We found what we were looking.  Sarah released a 21 pound albie on 16 pound tippet  on a Sage SaltHD 990 and Seigler MF

If you are looking for a awesome albie fly reel and great price look at the Sage Spectrum MAX.  These are the reels we use in our charters and they can take the abuse of multiple albie seasons.  Great reel for under 400.  Our everyday spinning reels are BG series.

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