August 2nd still very tough going

Tyler has been fishing with Flat Out for several years.  He is a rabid young fly fisherman and over

the years has caught some cool fish with Flat Out.  Today we fished hard, we made a chum drift of about 4 miles and no love.  We fished a beautiful tide line and fished it hard and no love.  On top of that the weather man had his head in a bucket–light winds and no rain turned into 20 to 25 southwest with showers.  After 6 hours of nada we turned to the dark side.  Heard of some yearly drum being caught on the shoals around Oregon Inlet.  Out came the bait and we anchored up in next to a shoal.  It was not the most fun place to fish.  We had 7 bites and caught 5 yearlings.  Thanks Tyler for hanging in there.

3 thoughts on “August 2nd still very tough going”

    1. Tyler loves fishing with you. Always comes back with great stories and a smile on his face. Thankyou for all you do

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