August 7th– 5 wt and light tackle action

Sarah and I both steamed almost 16 miles south this morning looking for yesterday’s action.  I had long time client/buddy Mark A.   Sarah had a crew for a second session.  The action was not like it was yesterday but we all made the most of it.  The Spanish and moons were moving fast and not very friendly but both boats picked away.  Mark’s used the Sage 5 wt all day and it was perfect for the Spanish and moons.  Both fish were eating small micro bait so small flies were a perfect choice.  Sarah’s crowd used both light tackle and fly.  It was a fun morning.

On a down note the fish are moving farther south out of range.   believe the bad water left over from all this rain we had the last two weeks is pushing them south again.  Moons and Spanish around here do not show very well when it is windy –wind is in the forecast for the next  few days.



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