Harkers Island report Sept. 29th

early old drum

So it begins, Harkers Island 2019. Fished three day with Gumby while dealing with a cold. We saw albies some days –mostly sippers but some on red bait. The bluefish showed up Sunday and I hope they stay around until Thanksgiving. They are a great class of fish 3 to 5 pounds. Talk about fun on a 6 wt. Gumby and I spent many many hours going around in circles looking for the old drum. It is not easy and takes patience to ride around for hours and nothing. We did find some old drum and caught them on fly and spin. Sometimes hard work pays off. Speaking a drum gear — fly we use 600 grain sink tip with a very heavy 1/2 & 1/2. Spinning gear medium heavy rods with 30 pound braid. You must fight these hard this time of year. If you walk the dog –your drum will be come someones snack.

Which one to use— for everyone you catch on fly you are more likely to 8 to 10 on spin. Lets face it –a 4 ounce jig sinks much faster that a fly and sink tip

fly caught
spinners eating ribbonfish

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