May 18th and 19th fishing report

Friday the 18th it was over cast and raining on and off–perfect day for sight fishing.  5 years ago if you would of asked me about cobia fishing in water under 67 I would of shook my head.  Today the water was 61 to 63 and there were many fish seen but hard to get to bite.  I had a couple that really wanted to try them on fly.  We worked hard, very hard in lousy conditions and got four great shots.  Pete put the fly where it needed to be.  The first quad of fish totally ignore the fly art least 5 times, the second single followed the fly four or five times but no love.

Saturday the 19th we found some of the best blue fishing we have seen in years in the inlet.  After an hour of carnage we went south looking for the cobia.  Still cold water and cloudy.  Fly Girl saw several squadrons of cobia and landed 2 out of 3.  All were under sized and released.  Flat Out found a cobia on a turtle and it ate and small bucktail.  This 5 pound cobia was a blast on a trout spinning rod.

Glad to see the bluefish and hope the water warms.

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